What is Recycling On the Go?


Recycling at home and at work or school is easier now than ever before. Fifty percent of North Carolinians have access to curbside recycling programs. More and more workplaces and schools are collecting recyclables for their employees and students. But when North Carolinians aren't at home or work or school, what options are available to make sure all our empty bottles and cans stay out of the trash and make it into a recycling bin?

Recycle More NC is committed to providing North Carolinians with the tips and resources needed for Recycling on the Go. In this section, you'll learn how to keep recycling on the go simple. Whether you've been passionate about recycling for years or put your first can in a bin yesterday, we've got the tools you need to keep recycling easy wherever you are.

Where can I purchase bins?

Decals for Bins

Need some help?

Convenience Store Recycling Program

Keep America Beautiful Public Space Recycling Guide

On-The-Go Recycling Tips PDF

"7 Steps to Recycling in Public Spaces" Guide