America Recycles Day - Learn more about this annual recycle event that occurs nationwide on November 15.

Back to School Recycled Product Ideas - Lessen your impact on the environment by purchasing recycled content products.
banned info

Banned Info - Find more information about plastic bottles, aluminum cans and other items banned from North Carolina's landfills.

Composting - Learn how to make compost, the rich organic soil that is made as microorganisms decompose yard and kitchen wastes.

DEACS - North Carolina's Division of Environmental Assistance and Customer Service is a great resource for citizens and businesses.

Recycling and Energy Savings - Learn how reducing waste, recycling and composting are effective ways to decrease the generation of greenhouse gases.

E-Waste Landfill Ban - Learn about e-waste policies and practices in North Carolina.

Holiday Waste Reduction - A list of great holiday tips that will keep you thinking green all year long.

Spring Cleaning – Cleaning out the closets and the garage? A great way to reuse and recycle unused items is through Freecycle's Web site.